You Can Have Dry Skin Too.

You Can Have Dry Skin Too.

You don’t need to have a skin condition to know what dealing with dry skin is like. Excess washing, using commercial soap, and “skipping the lotion” are all factors that can affect the conditions of your skin after you bathe. Here are three ways to switch up your shower regiments so you can keep your skin moist and healthy.

Adjust the time and temperature of your showers.
Are you someone who enjoys long hot showers and lets the water run for hours? Dry skin is no stranger to you. The excess time you are spending in overheated water does more damage to your skin than good. Long showers strip the skin of it’s natural oils and can make skin conditions like eczema worse. Consider using lukewarm water and limit your bath time. 

Cut back on using commercial soap.
When it comes to your skin, cutting corners on keeping it healthy probably isn't the best option for your body's largest organ. Manufacturers do cut back on the cost of quality ingredients and replace them with synthetic ingredients that take much less time to prepare and use. Most commercial soaps use ingredients that strip your skin of its essential oils and leave it vulnerable to cracking and flaking. Just because it cleans well, lathers a lot, and smells nice, doesn't mean it's soap. Try using natural soap made with quality ingredients that will nourish your skin. 

Just because you showered with soap made with ingredients that help keep your skin moisturized, doesn’t mean the job is done. Moisturizing immediately after you shower is very important to combat dry skin. It helps trap in the water that is still on your skin. Check out our solid body balms that are easy to handle and convenient to grab once you step out of the shower. Use it on damp skin because your skin will absorb it quicker.

Pay attention to the quality of your skin after making these few adjustments.