Newborn Skincare

Newborn Skincare

Babies change our lives in the most beautiful ways and as parents you want to always make sure your little one is comfortable. But what do you do when the discomfort comes in the form of dry skin? Newborn skin care is so much different than adults and having a common skin condition like eczema to combat can be overwhelming especially to first time parents. The good news is: Eczema in baby skin is common. Keep these three things in mind when you are creating a post-shower routine for your little one.

  • Give your baby short lukewarm baths.

Remember that excess washing can remove the natural oils from your baby's skin. Use fragrance free soap and NO BUBBLE baths!

  • Apply moisturizer to your baby’s skin after a bath. 

Remember damp skin is always better for absorption. Check out our baby solid balm sticks formulated with natural oils that help trap in the moisture on your baby’s skin. 

  • Give your baby a manicure.

To prevent scratching when their skin irritates them and cut off the tags from their clothes to keep anything from rubbing on their skin and tempting them to scratch.

Baby Skin and eczema usually isn’t permanent. In the meanwhile, be patient, continue educating yourself more about the dos and don’t for your newborn’s skin, and most importantly don't forget to be proud of the progress you are making as a parent!